Interesting Facts About Mars aka (The Red Planet)

interesting facts about mars

interesting facts about mars

“The Red Planet”, as Mars is fondly called due to its red, rocky, dusty surface, is a very interesting planet. It is one planet that scientists will likely be able to visit in the near future, due to its proximity and having at times quite near human-friendly conditions. Until then though, NASA and other space scientists will continue to collect those amazing samples and data from Mars through robotic missions, so that we can continue to find out more and more interesting facts and features about our sister planet.

Many of the facts – like it is red and has a very thin atmosphere – I’m sure you already know, but here are some more less known fun facts about Mars that we hop you will likely find intriguing.

1. There are just over 24 hours 37 minutes in a day, but 687 days in a year on Mars!

2. Mars, unlike Earth, does not have a magnetic field.

3. Mars has a small gravitational pull that will theoretically make you lose two-fifth of your earthly weight. If you weight 70kg here, your weight is going to be about 28kg over there.

4. It takes a total of approximately 16 months to complete a ‘to and from’ journey to Mars – 8 months in, and 8 Months back.

5. It will take about 270 years to drive to Mars in a car moving at 60 mph.

6. No human has ever set foot on Mars. It has all been rovers and robots that have been visiting the red planet.

Some of the most important facts about Mars we know are

7. Spacecrafts sent to Mars mostly never return. Only one-third of spacecrafts sent to Mars have had a successful mission.

8. NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) plan on collaborating on a lot of Mars missions later in the future, which includes landing a human on the red planet sometime in 2035.

9. No Clouds on Mars! Mars, unlike earth and some other planets, do not have a cloud layer.

10. Did you know Mars, like earth, also has 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. During a Mars winter, almost 20% of the air freezes and Mars’ seasons are twice as long as those on Earth. Antarctica’s physical conditions are a near simulation of what being in Mars feels like.

11. You can hardly find water in liquid state on Mars. The water is mostly in solid state – like ice – due to the atmospheric conditions and low temperatures. Mars’ atmosphere is made up of 95% carbon dioxide. Humans won’t last an hour there without appropriate breathing apparatus or a space suit, as we won’t be able to breathe unaided.

12. The largest and wildest dust storms you will never know occur in Mars.

13. Bits and pieces of Mars are present here on earth. This is due to meteorites blasted off Mars finding their way to earth.

14. Galileo Galilee was the first person to observe Mars through a telescope

15.The pressure on Mars is so low, your blood will turn to bubbles if you are not putting on an appropriate space suit – a dangerous place to be, huh?

Many people have gotten to believe that there is nothing more to Mars than its red dust and dented surface. With these few fun and interesting facts about Mars, I hope you are able to change someone’s views about the red planet, in a dramatic and interesting way.